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We pride ourselves on having only a select number of clients at any given time so that our attention is focused expressly on crafting the highest quality goods. Think we'd be a great fit to move your business forward? Fill out the contact form below and let us know where you need help. From developing a single product to off-loading burdensome production, we are here to help your business succeed.

What Factors into Pricing?

  • Product Variety
  • Sales Volume over Time
  • Order Frequency (i.e. weekly, monthly, seasonal)
  • Special Requirements / Dietary Restrictions
  • Sourcing and Procuring raw material and packaging


Need confidentiality? We understand. We consider ourselves less co-packer and more your off-site production facility.

Product Examples:

  • Custom packaged, vacuum sealed and frozen portioned meals
  • Production of fermented products and pickled goods for a local shop
  • Consulting on vegan dessert development for a large-scale production
  • Weekly meal service - paleo, vegan, gluten-free, calorie-controlled
  • Human-grade, high-end pet treats and food
  • Packaged grab & go meals for a growing juice bar chain
  • Producing dairy-free cheese in wholesale packages for restaurants

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