recipe development

Need a sweet solution that's gluten-free, vegan, and under 300 calories? How about five hundred crave-worthy packaged dinners for a reasonable price? Piece of (handcrafted) cake.

DREAM to RECIPE, bake sale to big time.

Take your grandma's brownie recipe beyond the bake-sale. Push your budding meal-service to the next level. Off-load that one pesky large-scale task that your restaurant isn't designed for. Bridge the gap between DIY and co-packer.

As an entrepreneur, you have to be passionate about your product; but any business owner will say that past a point in your growth, you can’t always do all it takes maintain the high quality your customers demand and grow your business. Maybe you know you need more help in the kitchen, but aren’t sure where to start with labor, payroll, worker’s compensation, and all that comes with being an employer. Overwhelmed? We can help! Over the years, Bite Me Kitchen has built a solid, highly adaptable team that excels at all the production-side elements of the culinary arts. From fine dining to food trucks, vegan/raw to paleo; mixology and beyond; our range of expertise is vast and varied. Most importantly, we share your passion for quality food.


recipe development . menu design . variable scale production

buying power

Enjoy the benefits of our bundled buying power. By joining our team of clients, you're exposed to lower costs and better variety through larger volume procurement.



Our team takes over your production in our fully licensed, third party audited commercial kitchen. , freeing your time to develop your brand – and that is truly invaluable!