adam zalewski


Decades of mixology tempered with an innate understanding of food science and a healthy disrespect for the status quo are the driving forces behind Adam's unique ability to transfer ideas into repeatable production reality. Extensive experience in tech, systems efficiency and trouble-shooting translate seamlessly to the cutting board to get your projects done the right way, right away.  Need a sauce using limited ingredients and an exact consistency? You've met your match.

rose cameron


Recipe development, nutritional and costing analysis focused. Driven by the powerful knowledge that a healthy diet can be life-changing, and a commitment to make real, honest, whole food a norm in todays hack-happy society. Bringing a unique blend of her business and economics background along with culinary something or other, she is passionate about proper planning as an inherent part of your success.




Renegade gastro-chef brings decades of culinary knowledge to the table. Formally trained in the kitchen classics combined with years of fine dining, noveau pub, and gourmet food trucking. To maximize your product's overall well-being, kitchen-level operations must be run efficiently and on-target. Ben is crucial to the day-to-day creation of every product and works hands-on with our staff to make your dreams, reality.